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NEWS : Alpha-Build Release

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It's called "Ethnocentric", found it somewhere on a free font page. :)

Thanks :)

Yay! I finally get to match the Fafnir against an Atlas! I worship the ground you walk, and glorify the air you breath!!

Just checking(I realize there may be instructions in the download itself, but I'm not downloading it until I get to the computer I'd be using it on), and I figure it may come up anyway:

This is completely stand-alone, correct?

Meaning, that if one has retail MC2 already installed, one should not attempt to place/install this in the same folder/directory as retail MC2?

In other news: MKII? Jumping dual-gauss and all? :D

EDIT: Then again, since I don't need a CD, there's really no reason I couldn't put it on my netbook... :P

It is completly standalone :) However, it has no video and multiplayer support because of this. Copying it over retail will not work. While the retail art and models are compatible, the code is no longer I'm afraid. But on the other side, those videos weren't so special anyway, so **** it :) I rather hope that we will brake many code limites and then create ****ing awesome render videos ourself  :p


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