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2015-10-02 - Announcing Worthy of Survival

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This looks Great, is this going to be a separate install or will it be added to into the current Diaspora?

Most likely an additional VP file, installed via Installer since quite a number of assets came with R1.
I doubt the Devs would bundle all the already released files into a separate download.

We're still working through those technical details.

One relevant consideration is that aside from the packaged content (art, missions, models, lore) the new release will utilise an updated fs2open engine. I'm particularly keen on talking about this aspect over the coming period, as I'm a coder adding features and improving the existing fs2open engine on OS X and Linux.


--- Quote from: Echelon9 on November 04, 2015, 08:40:59 pm ---We're still working through those technical details.

--- End quote ---

According to my source in the president's office, PO2 Dualla is pretty conversant on technical details.

Yeah, at some point I'll be putting a dev blog together on the new mission design tools available in R2 that we didn't have in R1. It will probably be of more interest to those who have tried writing missions for Diaspora than anyone else but they should like it. :)


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