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2015-10-02 - Announcing Worthy of Survival

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There are some other team members who are still active. In fact Crossbow is probably more active than I am.

Long time no see.

"Worthy of Survival" was apparently not able to survive the great HLP activity decline? Or am I missing something?

The decline isn't as much as some people think. A lot of HLP activity has moved to discord. The HLP discord is actually busy enough that I sometimes have trouble following it all.

Still the question after the status of Diaspora remains, it's been roughly 2 years since someone asked. Mind providing a summary how much has been done/what is still necessary to the next release?

I have seen this, it's just taking longer to plan out an answer than I expected.  Given the release of Adversary today, I want to see what happens because of that before I make any predictions for Diaspora.


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