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Hi all this is my little gallery for WIPs. If you feel like giving feedback, please do so, but remember that at the end of the day, I do this for fun. So unless you pay me don't expect miracles like me dropping off my own projects to satisfy yours, okay? (Not that my work is stellar by any stretch, just giving a friendly heads up :D )

Without Further ado:

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are these freespace-related going by the initials in front? the silouhettes and design gives me more of a homefront kind of vibe

They are meant to next-gen, less successful ships that exist post-Capella. The proto-backstory is: That they are radical, less successful departures from the standard design lines due to the failure of projects like the colossus among many others.

That said, all of this is still early wips for a mini-campaign that will come later on featuring them.


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With the way your second design looks, I would assume its a freighter, and those two left variants are it mounting different cargo units.

For the first design, I feel that those booms are a bit too substantial.  I assume that they are some form of communications antennae to support controlling the drones.  I would suggest either making them thinner, or add some kind of arrays to them to make their thickness necessary.

For your third design, that chin fin feels a bit too much.  In my opinion it protrudes too far beneath the rest of the ship.  My suggestions are to add some additional ventral bulk beneath aft of where the narrowing begins to balance it, or cant the ventral portions of the narrowing slightly upward so when it does protrude it doesn't extend as far beneath the hull.

Just my opinions.  Feel free to disregard.
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Lovely designs! Where do you plan to add the fighter/drone bay on the Shaushka? Are any point defense turrets planned? And what about its size?

Also, is it just me or the Broadsword looks like a hybrid T-V design? That makes it quite interesting, IMO.

Keep it up!  :yes:
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and the models are gone :(
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Bad times.

Sorry y'all I forgot to update the thread for a bit. ;) updated models will be back soon.

My name is Olivia and I live with my brother Daniel. I am 19 years old and work at diner which is about 20 minutes away from where we live. Daniel is 20 years old and is unemployed but works on the house. Daniel has a nice build and is very fit and works out every time he can.

"Liv, I'm going out." My brother tells me opening the door to my bedroom, I look up from my computer and pull out the one earphone from my ear and smile at him. "Okay." He walks further into my bedroom and kisses my cheek and turns around and leaves.

I move all the blankets off my half naked body and walk towards my window and watch as he leaves, smiling to myself I walk over to my closet and onto one of the top shelfs and grab out my vibrator.

I run back to my bed and take off my top and lay down on my back and spread my legs apart, turning on the vibrator I place it down on my clit and change the setting to the second highest one.

I move the vibrator down to my pussy hole and slowly push it in and pull it out and place it back on my clit and close my eyes while arching my back in pleasure.

"****." I almost yell out, I put my arm in my mouth and bite down as I watch my legs shake with pleasure.

"Liv have you seen my-" Daniels voice rings through my ears and my eyes shoot open to find him standing there staring at my pussy with his mouth wide open, I change the setting on the vibrator to the highest one and scream as my orgasm comes close.

I close my eyes again and throw my head back into the pillow as my legs shake even more but it all comes to a stop as the vibrator turns off and as I open my eyes I see Daniel standing next to me and as I'm about to say something he smashes his lips onto mine.

I moan into the kiss and throw the vibrator to the other side of the bed and force Daniel on top of me, I roll him over so I'm on top and start to grind my pussy on his growing dick.

"Mmm, Daniel." I slow my movements and fasten them again until he finally flips us over so he's on top again and throws his shirt off of his body and onto the floor next to us.
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Sorry about the necroing, I need to keep the place up to date more... :P

Sneek peek.


I will just drop this here. (Colors are not final)