Author Topic: Raising the player cap in Multiplayer?  (Read 2250 times)

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Raising the player cap in Multiplayer?
Is there a way to modify the amount of players who can join a game?
Say the 12 FFA allows 12 players, that leads me to assume the game could handle a 6v6 teamfight.

In other notes, I've joined a community for Star Citizen, and a lot of people are eager to play it. Meaning 15-25 people, if not more.
How many players could the engine handle in a Multiplayer match?


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Re: Raising the player cap in Multiplayer?
12 is max in coop and dogfight, 8 in TvT.

If you want to do a 6v6 "TvT" you'll have to FRED it as a coop and change IFF of some players at beginning of the mission. It's pretty basic and I'm sure anyone can work you through it if you're interested.
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Re: Raising the player cap in Multiplayer?
The big problem is the loadout menu. It makes all kinds of (stupid) assumptions about how many players there will be. Nothing really can be done until someone is willing to rip out the entire loadout code and rewrite it without those assumptions.
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