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FSF's Shipbuilding tutorial (image-heavy warning)

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--- Quote from: yuezhi on January 14, 2012, 09:38:11 pm ---when can we expect to see tips for turrets and capships? you pretty much skipped the turrets entirely. i'm dying to know how because the only tutorial about turrets is for 3ds max.

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F$%&% turreting in Blender, Max etc. Make them in PCS2.

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just because you cannot do that does not mean somebody else couldnt either.

I cant speak for other programs but in blender it is much easier to do firepoints and paths in PCS2.  For starters you need an empty to set turret, primary or secondary bank, then one for each bank , then you one empty for each firepoint.

then unless you clear the scale, rotation and relative positions properly they mess up their positioning in conversion.  Then if you do clear the properties the normals get barfed up requiring them to be reset.

Sorry it is easier in PCS2 despite the interesting control scheme for moving the camera.

The E:
This issue is being dealt with in this dedicated thread.

Eiswolf: Please do not post the same issue in several places. It only makes the task of helping you more difficult.


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