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FSF's Shipbuilding tutorial (image-heavy warning)

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I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to do this, FreeSpace Freak, since I'm likely to be spending quite a bit of time in the next few days with this page open.

I can't wait for uvmapping, i've bben worked with max and i'd like to see differences beofre taking decision to switch... or not :D

Anyway : great job!

Pred the Penguin:
Imageshack no longer likes me. o_o Something about 'Domain Unregistered.'

FSF、あなたはいい人だ--FSF, you are an excellent and courageous soul.

dammit the assignments of the japanese are invading my brain and keyboard.

Nice tutorial mate.  On your last point about topology, in the situation you pointed out at the end when combining the cube to the half sphere, I tend to encounter this sort of situation when modeling engine cones, what I generally do is to subdivide the square section to the same number of vertices around the edge as the cone (well cylinder) and then f->skin faces/edge loops (blender 2.49) to join them together, would you still recommend against that?

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