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This is a tutorial video series on the topic of freespace modding. The general topics covered include file management, tabling and pcs2. Specific topics covered for each video are listed under the link for that video.

Note: This series avoids covering FRED, however it is recommended that every FSO modder take time to learn FRED as well.

File Management:

Freespace File Management Overview

* Different file types in a freespace2 folder.
* Builds VS. data
* Contents of a mod folder.
* Opening/Editing files using notepad.
* clarification of previous points.
* .VP files.

How to create a mod folder

* why mod folders are important
* creating a mod.ini
* creating a logo
* mod file priority and hierarchy


Introduction to Tabling

* What's in your mod folder by default.
* importing a table file into your mod folder.
* editing numerical values the weapons.tbl

Adding Table Entries

* Creating new lines of data in a table
* the weapons.tbl wiki
* Optional subentries e.g. +SwarmWait:
* ;; commenting in tables

Importing Mod Assets

* Introduction to the ships.tbl
* Mod asset content
* .tbm files
* organizing data for assets
* Selecting mods using the launcher for FRED

Adding new weapons, Flags, and general weapons.tbl format

* general format of the weapons.tbl
* creating a weapon in a tbl file
* weapon flags
* creating a weapon in a tbm file

nocreate and choosing effects to draw

* +nocreate table feature
* TBM priority over TBL
* How to add or modify effects


Intro to .pof files

* Information contained in a .pof
* How table entries relate to their referenced .pof file
* types of .pof files:  capital ships, fighters, cruisers, skyboxes, missiles

Creating .pof files

* pitch for blender
* pre-export checklist
* getting and using a .dae exporter
* what is a .dae file?
* converting .dae to .pof
* recommended format for maps
* changing the .pof reference in tables

Rigging fighters using pcs2


* overview of rigging a ship
* pcs2 general user interface
* Scaling models in pcs2
* placing eyepoints in pcs2
* setting weapon banks and weapon points in pcs2

* how weapon banks impact the ships.tbl
* setting thruster points in pcs2

* loading docking points from other models
* loading docking paths from other models
* loading shield meshes from other models
Subsystems and turreting of capital ships


* Adding subsystems in pcs2
* subsystems in the wiki
* Adding subsystems to the tables
* generating paths for subsystems
* turret hierarchy and 'children'
* removing subobjects
* loading geometry from other objects
* Adding turrets to a model

* Positioning turrets
* turrets and levels of detail
* things to check before testing .pof files
* final thoughts: modding and debugging

Legate Damar:
You should make one on modeling


--- Quote from: Legate Damar on June 04, 2012, 02:25:52 pm ---You should make one on modeling

--- End quote ---

There are tons of those, for every single modelling app you could ever dream of.
Lern 2 google.

Modelling is not specific to FSO, rigging is, but rigging for FSO is trivial, and 90% of it can be done in PCS2 even -> there's a video (planned) for it right there.

Legate Damar:
Well maybe some tips specifically for making a model that will work well in FSO

Erm, basically, any model that works well in a last-generation video game?  There are tons of general tips on the wiki. 


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