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DEMO RELEASE: FreeSpace 2 Port to FreeSpace 1

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After porting the main FreeSpace 1 campaign to FreeSpace 2, creating Silent Threat: Reborn, sprucing up Operation: Templar, and porting numerous fan-made FreeSpace 1 campaigns to FreeSpace 2, what could we follow that up with?

Well, we've come to realize that porting FS1 content to FS2 is merely half of the potential that the FreeSpace Port has explored.  We've opened up ways to play classic FS1 campaigns with the slick new FS2 engine, not to mention adding all kinds of optional SCP enhancements (to the extent that people are often misled into believing that the SCP is required to use the Port).  Why not go in the other direction, and allow players to enjoy the latest FS2 campaigns in the classic FS1 experience?

Today the FSPort Team is pleased to unveil its latest project, a port of FreeSpace 2 to FreeSpace 1.

This is merely a demo, not the full campaign, but we couldn't wait to share our progress.  So far, we've ported the first three training missions as well as the first three missions of the campaign -- the entire 53rd Hammerheads arc.  We've had to surmount numerous challenges, not merely the differences in model, mission, and table formats; but also reverse-engineering some of the FS1-specific behavior that was later changed in FS2.  We hope you have as much fun playing it as we had creating it.

Download at FeralHosting

You must have Descent: FreeSpace (or Conflict: FreeSpace) installed to play this mod.  Copy the fs2tofs1-demo.vp file into your FreeSpace directory, which is usually C:\Games\FreeSpace, though the GOG version defaults to C:\GOG Games\Freespace.   Ensure that you have no other custom VP files installed.  (The standard VP files are root.vp in the root folder; and cbanim.vp, freespace.vp, and voc.vp in the data folder.  If you have Silent Threat installed, mdisk.vp will also be in the root folder.)

It should be noted that the FreeSpace Open Installer does not currently support mods for FreeSpace 1.  I have created a formal feature request on GitHub.


Truly, this is the greatest accomplishment in human history.

General Battuta:
This sounds like a great chance to bring the FS2 script up to FS1 standards!

Whats the word on Descent: FreeSpace 2? I'd love to be able to fly the inside that asteroid base and defeat the NTF bots.


Wait... What?

Edit: Nooo, wait! I rethinked that and I found it as a cool idea :D!


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