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Steam Deck - I will pay a nerd to get Knossos working.

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Before I forget how I got this far...

In order to run

--- Code: ---sudo pacman -Syu --needed base-devel git python-pip
--- End code ---
i had to go in and 1- Make the Steam OS no longer read only     

--- Code: ---sudo steamos-readonly disable
--- End code ---
and i also did this: 

--- Code: ---sudo btrfs property set -ts / ro false
--- End code ---
and then I had to 2- comment out [jupiter-beta] to just be [jupiter] as something with the Steam OS hated the beta.
after that everything has worked up to this patch.

I'm diving into how to actually apply that patch, as I've never done this before, so the phrase 
--- Quote ---"take the PKGBUILD from the AUR and apply the following patch"
--- End quote ---
  means nothing to me. How do I apply that patch? If you see this @Phantom Hoover before I figure it out and post, let me know what I need to type to get access to the file to add that patch into.

I figured it out. I opened the PKGBUILD from the file explorer and repaced the - lines with the + lines than continued. It worked!

I'm still trying to get Steam to open Knossos in gaming mode, as this will be required to take advantage over the real power of the steamdeck.

Next problem... is there a way to force Knossos to run fullscreen?

Phantom Hoover:
I honestly hadn’t considered the Steam Deck until now. Given how that thing’s selling we probably need to find a better way of distributing to it.

Phantom Hoover:
I got the Flatpak working. I had to do terrible things to do it, but it works. Watch this space.

Phantom Hoover:
(yeah i'm now fighting flathub bureaucracy to be able to distribute the ****ing thing because flatpak is completely built around a repository middleman model)

So I am currently building a steam deck input control layout that manages to capture most of the useful commands. The fact that each button can have three different bindings is really helping. When I get it finalized I'll probably export it to the free space game on Steam that way future generations can save it as a local control layout and then apply it to whatever the solution ends up being for freespace open.

 I had to create a script that would let me run desktop mode for the steam deck as a steam deck game... It was a very simple script and I'll share it here later. So you open up the normal desktop mode from Steam gaming mode and then you click on the Knossos app and launch it from there. This allows you to have full access to all of the steam controller bindings that make this game much more playable.

Currently the new problem that I'm facing is that the sound only works some of the time. I find that I have to turn off and then turn on whatever sound device I'm using, whether it be onboard speakers or Bluetooth headphones, and then just keep launching and closing the game until it starts with sound. The sound source selection in Knossos only has "Jack" as an option and I'm not really sure if that's just a weird Linux work around for sound sources... If anybody has any ideas of how to get the sound working more consistently or predictably I would appreciate any help.


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