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RELEASE: Fortune Hunters 2261 (yes!)

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When empires rise and fall, alliances are forged and broken, wars are won and lost, the universe gives birth to its greatest heroes and myths. Some become legendary for centuries, while other ones vanish in the sands of time, buried and forgotten. And during the chaos in which the Interstellar Alliance was born, many people fought and died for the cause, some from the most unlikely places...

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Download Mirror 1, as usual provided by Proxima-Fleet and Primus. Thank you as usual. I guess I crack that 1GB soon enough.  :)  
includes Hotfix.

Hotfix for Crash in Mission 6, see some posts below! Or you could redownload the patched version.

 :lol: Yeah, it's finally done. Multiple delays, problems with FRED, with the game itself, table issues, lack of motivation, ... BUT EVERY OBSTACLE WAS CONQUERED BY MIGHTY VIDMASTER with HHHUUUGGGGEEEE amounts of help from FUBAR. It took its time, but I am proudly presenting...


Well, actually the whole damn trilogy. Thanks to Zathras, a mod that makes TBP playable under 3.6.10, I was able to use new features and fix some of the issues that plagued the previous installments. In true Vidmaster-fashion, I also vastly improved balancing and scripting of those older episodes and, new this time, added some new features which were impossible before Zathras came along, while still keeping the original gameplay intact (my first work will always be my first work, no StarWars Special Edition  ;) )
One final word for the veterans, the new campaign is difficult. Challenging right from the start. It's highly recommended to replay the previous campaigns first, to get used to the style and pacing again.
Also, I really hope it didn't get corrupted or so, had some problems with my Internet lately. The campaign comes as a .rar file.

!!!Installation Instructions!!!
This is a campaign for TheBabylonProject. Therefore you need TheBabylonProject, not Freespace 2 or a mod for that game. TBP is available for download in the TBP forum here at HLP.
You also need three more things:
1.) Zathras. Available for download in the Zathras forum, which can be accessed in the TBP forum.
2.) the 3.6.10 final executeable. TBP comes with an older version, in case you just downloaded the game, you need to update. Zathras includes these files, you just need to set it up correctly and do not forget to enable Zathras in the Launcher menu.
3.) You are downloading two files, one named "Fortune Hunters" and one named "Vidmaster". The first needs to be placed in your TBP folder, replacing any previous release. "Vidmaster" on the other hand goes into your Zathras folder, replacing the file called "Vidmaster" there. Not replacing this file will likely lead to a blocker later in the campaign.

Now, for those who are confused and new to the Hunters series.

- action-packed trip through both canon and exotic places in the B5 universe
- immersing storyline and writing, retelling the events of the TV show from a different perspective.
- MASSIVE battles, destruction on a scale dwarfing even Freespace.
- huge mission variety and complex scenarios
- for everyone, detailed knowledge of the TV show isn't necessary for maximum enjoyment.

What's still missing:
- thousands of posts here, giving me feedback  :D. Seriously, some bugs or balancing issues always slip through and the only way they will ever be fixed is you posting them here.
- Voiceovers. LOOKING FOR ACTORS NOW!!! Apply in the VoiceActing forum or click on the link on page 4

Feedback and bugs go in here, discussions and strategies NOT to keep it spoiler and spoiler-tag free, use the special forum for that instead (link above).

I don't think anybody who liked the previous ones will be disappointed.
All that's left for me to say is...              ...have fun!

It seems that it's going to be another well writen challenge.
I'm downloading it now.


Sweetness! This is awesome news. Downloading now.

Unfortunately a sadistic professor has thrown enough work at me to ensure that I won't get to actually play it 'till this weekend... but I think I can wait a few more days.  :D

No first post, but still.



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