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Admiral Nelson:
Twisted Infinities

--- Quote ---2378. Eleven years after the Capella supernova. The Destruction of the Capella star by the Shivans had many impacts on the society of the GTVA. Some were immediate and obvious: The incalculable loss of life and goods and the loss of a key system on the GTVA map, others were subtle and longer term The gradual economic decline of the GTVA as a whole leading to the recent depression. Some were general: the massive blow to morale, of both the citizenry and the military, others were localized, such as the destabilization of recently isolated system. Such a one is Epsilon Pegasi.
--- End quote ---

Twisted Infinities offers 19 action packed missions and many never seen before models.  Battle pirates, face experimental technology, go undercover, discover a mysterious secret! TI is the product of many of HLPs early stars such as Black Wolf, Vasudan Admiral and more.  TI has been brought up to current standards by the FSCRP team and is ready for you to experience today.   


[DOWNLOAD] - Use Knossos:
Click below to get started. The latest revision is 1.0.0.


Original TI Team
Black Wolf - Project leader, FREDer, Modeler, story
Vasudan Admiral - modeler, music
Flipside - modeler
Galemp - modeler
Grimloq - modeler
MjnMixael - Cbanim artist
Moonsword - FREDer
Shinobi - FREDer

Admiral Nelson - Project Leader, FREDer
FrigkFeek - Tester
Nightmare - Tester, Project Inspiration
Nyctaeus - Modeler, story
spart_n - Tester

 - Music -

Vanguard, by UltimaTricksta -
Base Infiltration and Camouflage by SovStep -
Brass Crescendo by winKoneR -
Bad Dream by Honor of Style -
Counterstrike by KatMaestro -
Dreams of Knossos and Ragnarok by Flipside -;u=394
Floating Free - Shadows of Light (Syrk Team)

Additional Music from Inferno: Nostos

And it took only 18 years to release :D

If Vasudan Admiral still lurks and reads this message - please deliver your remaining models. ;7

Nice. I was looking forward to this one.

So which acts of this were completed in fact?


--- Quote from: starlord on March 16, 2020, 02:06:40 pm ---Nice. I was looking forward to this one.

So which acts of this were completed in fact?

--- End quote ---
This is only first act. FSCRP got access to old TI FTP, but I'm not sure if there are any Act II missions out there. We need to check.

Even if, I doubt if any more acts can be released by FSCRP. BW handled us almost complete Act I to clean up and finish. Further acts are probably incomplete.

I wonder what is his take on this, by which I mean the project status in general: the aesir idea was interesting.


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