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Re: "NextGen" Starwars game?
That video looks interesting...But did anyone else notice that the Jedi featured never used their lightsaber?  (At least to hit a Stormtrooper...)
Why go for the quick and painless when you can throw the bastards around? :drevil:

Re: "NextGen" Starwars game?
Pre-Vis interview

Pre-Vis video

The natural motion tech Lucasarts is using in next gen titles  (True, no rumor)   Website   If one above didnt work

The company making the DMM (Digital Molecular Matter) system that Lucasarts is going to use in next gen titles  company website  dmm tech site thingy  small tech demo of a castle wall crumbling from a big rock, using DMM

I say, if this is all implemented correctly, the next-gen star wars games are gonna be the most badass ever!!!!!!!
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