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Wings of Dawn, a campaign in the making.

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A bit of background of how it came to be
Back at the beginning of 2009 when my education in game design was showing no signs of improving (No really, it was a messy bunch and a waste of time) I started looking for something else to do and found my answer on HLP when I started exploring the forum through the search function (which was not the crappy google search we have now :P) looking on the possibilities of Freespace 2 modding. When it became clear somewhere in April that I would quit my study I threw all my time and devotion into learning about getting models from max into fs2, normal maps, uv unwrap, tables, FRED, effects and making head ani's. I came up with grand ideas and a campaign setting that I had to cut down dramatically when I started to realized just how limited a one man team is
I desperately wanted to avoid looking like newbie #145124 with 'epic campaign idea #13' that would never get off the ground so I decided to stay off the radar until I actually had something to show. However I recently also started to realize that just releasing a campaign out of the blue will run the risk of being overlooked when nobody heard of it before. So in a effort to generate some interest in the project I created this thread.

So what is Wings of Dawn?
As much as I love Freespace, its story and its ships, I really wanted to use the freespace engine to create my own universe. Freespace has a lot of conversions and mods of different universes but very few that are not based on an already existing IP. So I threw my love for anime and sci fi together and let myself be inspired by games like Starcontrol 2. Unfortunately this created something that I have a hard time summarizing into a synopsis.
Let's just say that WoD will feature a dynamic, polished and diverse campaign with (hopefully) memorable characters, a (again hopefully :P ) interesting story and a light hearted setting. Around 30 missions (of which 15 are done and being tested by my awesome testplayers) and ~15 unique (low poly) ships (and a bunch of variations on those ships). Utilizing a lot of the latest features added to the freespace engine by the SCP team.

A few screenies

I should still get to work on a new better trailer but right now this is the only video material I have ready on the web needless to say, this is old material, but still relevant. Opening video

At the current rate of progress it will probably still take me a month or three to get the last bunch of missions+assets done so if this somehow managed to get your interest, don't hold your breath :P

[Disclaimer: Yes: I am aware that my ships are low poly and could do with better textures. Yes: I am aware I'm only mediocre in drawing at best. Low poly models is a design choice, I just can't spend 3 months on one model to bring it up to superduperHTLHLP standards if I actually want to release something in my life time. And I don't want to take the easy way out by using a mod pack for this campaign. I have no real excuse for the textures, I just suck at it. I only ask for your understanding that this is a one man project and that I don't have a team of highly skilled monkeys at my disposal like for example the blue planet team]

Herra Tohtori:

[translation: Blue Planet team furiously resents being called monkeys and would like to remind that apes are vastly more advanced than monkeys.]


[translation: It should also be noted that good gameplay is in the core of all mods, not just looks.]

Of course there was no offense intended!
Can I offer you this banana as a peace offer?


Do I smell the harem campaign idea that got kicked around, or is that just the anime-esque drawing.

I was working on this way before the harem idea popped up  :p


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