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RP To Save Humanity! The Hierarchy Invades Again!

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Aaaaand the Hierarchy sucked again. And the Terrans went on another rampage. :lol:

Cordera finally made a contribution, but the big fleets all failed, even the Hertak. It's 13-1 to the Terrans right now for successful hits. I looked at my notes for last time, and at this point it was 10-6 to the Terrans. Which is probably about "right" for the Terrans and mildly overperforming for the Hierarchy.

So Turn 5 will be tomorrow. If the Terrans have another round like this, there's gonna be a lot of dead bugs.

There. That should be enough for now.


--- Quote from: Enioch on September 12, 2016, 10:15:45 am ---There. That should be enough for now.

--- End quote ---
It doesn't feel right to only give out one boost for that so I've given the 3rd DD two. :)

o7 Glad you enjoyed it. Hope it wasn't too cheesy

Well both sides swung for the fences in this round. Surprisingly it was the lesser fleets that came through for the Hierarchy in this round, although the big players all avoided damage so they did still collectively win the round. Strong round for the Hierarchy overall, so the game now slows to one turn per two days. Enioch, please let me know if and when you're happy for the game to resume at one turn a day.


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