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RELEASE: wxLauncher 0.10.1 beta [Updated 2015/09/26]

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Iss Mneur:
Announcing wxLauncher 0.10.1 beta

wxLauncher is a cross-platform launcher for the FreeSpace 2 Open engine.  It is functionally equivalent to the Windows launcher.  wxLauncher is currently known to run on:

* Windows (XP, Vista (x86/x64 RTM/SP1), and 7 (x86/x64 RTM/SP1) have been tested)
* Linux (Ubuntu 09.10 x86/x64 have been tested).  For now, all Linux users will need to build from source.
* OS X (Intel-only, 10.5 and up, 10.6.8 has been tested). Thank you jg18 (né Gay Vasudan)
Please post any issues, comments, or questions in this thread.  All known issues can be found on the wxLauncher bug tracker, but a brief list is below. Please keep in mind that this is not feature complete and there are outstanding glitches (which is why we want feedback).

Important Known Issues

* Launcher does not read your current command line, so you will have to re-setup your command line before you launch FSO with wxLauncher.
* wxL currently does not properly handle cases where the default font/font size is unusually large. Some text may be cut off in such cases.
* There was an issue with the Wings of Dawn mod image's alpha channel that causes it not to appear.
* [Windows] wxLauncher does not display AA or AF controls because FSO on windows does not support the feature
* [Windows] wxLauncher does not set the correct screen resolutions.  This is fixed by 0.10.1, please upgrade.
* [OS X] Right after you change profiles or select an FSO executable to use, the flag checkboxes on the Advanced Settings tab will not appear until you interact with the tab somehow, such as by clicking or scrolling on the list.
* [OS X] The Activate and Info buttons don't always appear when you click on a mod. However, they are present and will work if you click on the space where they should be.
* [OS X] On Lion, wxL's list of resolutions may include reasonable-sounding resolutions that do not appear in System Preferences >> Displays (such as 640x480), as well as unusual/odd resolutions, such as 840x524.
* [OS X] With a debug build, you get a wxWidgets Debug Alert that says among other things can't set default encoding to wxFONTENCODING_DEFAULT
Windows users can download the installer from the downloads page of the wxLauncher website.  A debug installer can be found here if you are having trouble. Windows users can also download the source code from the downloads page.

Debian Linux users can find us as freespace2-launcher-wxlauncher on Wheezy and Jesse.  Please be aware of the version that is packaged is may be different than the currently released version.

Arch Linux users can find us as wxLauncher in the AUR.  Please be aware of the version that is packaged is may be different than the currently released version.

Linux users can download a the source from the downloads page. At this time, most Linux users must build wxLauncher from source.  The ReadMe has the build instructions.  The ReadMe is also included in the source archive and will be for the version that you download.

OS X users can download a .dmg disk image from the releases page of the wxLauncher website.  There is a debug disk image also on the releases page if you are having trouble.  OS X users may also wish to build wxLauncher from source; the ReadMe has the build instructions.  A source tarball is available from the releases page.

If you have Diaspora R1 Patch 4 and below (1.0.4 and below). Why haven't you updated it yet?  See the release thread for the patches, download this .zip file of updated launcher resources and unzip it into your Diaspora folder. But really you should just update Diaspora, see the release thread

Build instructions
See the read me for build instructions and requirements.

Change log
0.10.1 fixes:

* Windows - fix the where in the registry we write the settings
* Detailed list is available here.0.10.0 fixes:

* Many thanks to m!m the many contributions to this release including:
* Windows - no more registry helper. Less things to go wrong!
* Windows - Support for SDL on Windows antipodes builds.
* All - Auto saving that actually works! Again!
* Detailed list is available here.0.9.6 fixes:

* Refined support for wxWidgets 2.8, wxWidgets 2.8 STL, and wxWidgets 3.0
* Many thanks to @onlyjob for help with getting wxLauncher packaged on Debian Jessie and for improving our support for wxWidgets 3.0 with GCC (#117) and OpenALSoft (#118)
* Details are available here0.9.5 fixes:

* Support for wxWidgets 2.8, wxWidgets 2.8 STL, and wxWidgets 3.0
* wxLauncher should deal better with OpenAL Soft
* Various fixes for issues with CMake and plaform
* Details are available here0.9.4 fixes:

* Extended mod.ini support, including skin system
* Toggle FRED launching with F3!
* Details are in the 0.9.4 post.0.9.3 and 0.9.2 fixes

* Special Limited editions for Diaspora0.9.1 fixes:

* Support for the new sound code!
* Details are in the 0.9.1 post.0.9.0 fixes:

* All platforms now use the same code base
* Major changes to the layout
* Profile cloning
* FRED launching
* Lighting presets
* Multiplayer on Windows works!
* Details are in the 0.9.0 post.
The official commit log can be viewed here.


For Windows and OS X users, if you run into problems getting wxLauncher to run, download and install the launcher built in debug mode ("Downloads", above). Post or PM the log (which is located in %AppData%\wxLauncher\wxlauncher.log (Windows), ~/.wxlauncher/wxlauncher.log (Linux), or ~/Library/Application Support/wxlauncher (OS X; note the space in Application Support)).

For Linux users, to build a debug version of wxLauncher, follow the build instructions as above, but when running CMake, ensure that CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE is set to Debug (cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug).[/list]

Profiles don't seem to either be saving or loading properly as loading in a previously saved profile results in no change for me.

I made a whole bunch of objections on IRC which I'll type up later but overall this is looking pretty good so far. :yes:


--- Quote from: Iss Mneur on February 05, 2010, 12:49:05 am ---Linux user can download the source from the downloads location on our website.  It has been tested on Ubuntu 9.10 and Slackware ???.

--- End quote ---

That would be Slackware 13.0, 32 bit version

--- Quote from: karajorma on February 05, 2010, 02:02:08 am ---Profiles don't seem to either be saving or loading properly as loading in a previously saved profile results in no change for me.

--- End quote ---

We are aware of profiles not working properly. Should have been posted in the known issues list.
As a workaround, stick with one profile only for testing other stuff.

This looks very promising.  I'll keep on using it for now and hopefully won't hit showstoppers =)


--- Quote from: ChronoReverse on February 05, 2010, 02:40:32 am ---I'll keep on using it for now and hopefully won't hit showstoppers =)

--- End quote ---

And when you do, make sure you let us know :D


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