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Syrk: The Unification Wars
We are the invaders.
Act I will be released no later than April 20th

The campaign that shows you the bloody process that lead to the formation of the GTA is coming to a Sol near you! With 4 Terran factions fighting for control of humanity, starting a story that stretches much farther than any of you could ever imagine, Syrk: The Unification Wars will allow you to witness such milestones of human history as the siege of Pluto or the majestic arrival of the very first Orion ever made. To spice this all up, you will encounter the Destroyers as well!

*record scratch*

Yes, our mortal enemies, the Shivans appear in a campaign that is set long before the Great War. Yet I can assure you, canon will not be contradicted! With 20(...40...60!) dogfightful missions we will be showcasing a yet uncovered part of Terran history, the events that started it all: the Unification Wars.


- A cleverly crafted storyline
- Good old FS1 'nameless cog in the great machine'-atmosphere
- Heckadoodle amounts of mods
- Shivans!!! :nervous:
- Four Terran factions

Stay tuned for lots of canned awesomeness in the upcoming yet-undefined-times

Unification. Civil war. Shivans. No canon contradictions.

Commander Zane:
This is pretty much the base concept to the entire Prelude of a story I've been working on called Shattered Apocalypse: Exodus. Except it looks like there won't be any Weird Time **** ganking it to high-hell. ;7
Plus I have an elaborate scheme so I won't have to make that Prelude unless I really want to... :nervous:

Be pretty awesome to see how this turns out.

The E:
Shivans? Before FS1?  :wtf:

That doesn't sound right....

All I have to say is ;7


--- Quote from: The E on October 06, 2010, 11:16:48 am ---Shivans? Before FS1?  :wtf:

That doesn't sound right....

--- End quote ---

I agree, The Great War was the introduction to the Shivans and it was stressed that no knowledge of this species existed. Perhaps nobody kept records and the appearance of the shivans in the Unification Wars was forgotten?

Or Command knew all along and just kept the information classified. After all you are informed on a need-to-know basis. :nervous:


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