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Help is always appreciated

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I'll take a look at it when I can. I'll also contact you through PM regarding this.

I can beta test, and I am also very familar with FRED.

We can keep you in mind for Beta testing, although it may be a while until testers are needed. If interested in FREDing, feel free to send me a previously done mission file to my e-mail ([email protected]) or you can post it here and I or someone else can take a look at it. :)

Okay here is my mission (attachment). It is an FS1 mission of a GTI fighter wing that takes place half a day before La Ruota della Fortuna. Requires FS-Port 3.2.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Cool. I'll take a look at it within the week, and get back to you about it via a PM asap.


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