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DL link updated, the original version missed half of the effects folder (but despite that worked fine for me...) - sorry for the mixup!

Dear HLP!

Normally, we would stand here today with a full-scale release of Syrk: The Unification Wars - Act 1. However, Duke Nukem gave me a call and threatened to blast my head off if I don't delay the release a bit. Also, I just checked my watch and realized that it is, in fact, displaying the wrong time zone and I should apply Valve Time.

Jokes aside, we are going to present you guys a demo today - no worries, the school project part is done, but the thing is, this project just grew a bit from real good to awesome and we feel that we need some more time to iron out some exciting new ideas and to polish what we already have. The release should not be pushed that far behind, but I don't want to give an exact date as of yet.

So, the main thing is the 3 mission demo of Syrk: TUW - Act 1. This demo is fully functional but it will only include some of the features of the mod. The missions, however, are fully playable and should be a lot of fun.

As such, the demo will contain

- 5 sample music tracks will appear from the original Syrk: Act I album (2 in-flight tracks, 2 briefing tracks, 1 menu track)
- As an added bonus, a high quality version of one of the briefings can be found here
- 3 fully playable missions, with all new weapons, ships and factions
- Samples from the Tech Room database

Act I will feature the following awesome things:

- Even more all original music (5 in-flight tracks, 6 briefing tracks, 2 stand-alone tracks, menu and debriefing tracks)
- 18 fully playable missions (Act 1), with new weapons and ships being available as well as the ones in the demo
- Detailed Tech Room descriptions covering weapons, ships, factions and details of the Unification War
- Highly detailed skyboxes and menu backgrounds
- Awesome new effects
- A whole new mainhall and interface
- Upgraded versions of Steve-O's ships
- Maybe even Shivans? :nervous:

Coming soon! Really! We are no BWO here :P

We thank you for your patience and we wish you the most enjoyment while playing through this demo. Your feedback will be appreciated, if you choose to give it (in spoiler tags, please).

Download links
Syrk Demo ( mirror)
Syrk Demo ( mirror)
Syrk Demo ( mirror)

Countermeasure patch tbm (punch it to \freespace2\Syrk Demo\data\tables\ . Create the \data\ and \tables\ directories.)
Updated campaign file For those who don't know, place this in /FreeSpace 2/<Syrk Demo's folder>/data/missions

Lucika, on behalf of the Syrk Development Team
Added fsmods mirror and made the download links actually stand out from the rest of the text. --Vader

General Battuta:
Congrats on the release.

Downloading :D
Gz guys.

Thank you both. :)

thanks guys

dont forget to call by Our Board or #syrk-public on irc if you have any comments or issues


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