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The long delayed Syrk asset dump is finally here! After countless hours battled, zipping the folder, taming gremlins in my upstream and power loss, the thing is finally available.

Not much more to say that hasn't already been said in the announcement of closure thread regarding the project and its assets.
This .7z archive basically contains the mod as it was in our latest svn (+ uncommitted changes to mission 10  :nervous:).

I just hope that nothing got messed up during the upload.

>>> Download Link <<< (mediafire)

EDIT - This asset dump includes:
- Really pretty shockwaves
- Palette-swapped textures of exisiting community models
- SoL's OST, which has already been released
- About 30ish missions in varying states of completion
- Various weapons effects

I shall download this and see if there are pretty sphess sheeps. If possible I'll try to get it mirrored on FSMods for you gents.

Highlighted for the highlight-ening!

Thanks. :yes:

On a general note: If you think you have a low-end machine, don't run syrk_8.fs2. It might crash your system. It did mine.

Unfortunately, I have never followed Syrk but it sounded like a promising mod. Though it's sad that the project got cancelled, at least the asset dump is now released and available.

X3NO, I believe the first post of this thread should be edited. Community members like me who haven't monitored progress have no idea what the project is really about and absolutely don't know what kind of files are stored in this asset dump. The announcement of closure thread doesn't really provide an accurate description of this dump, either. Just a suggestion.


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