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Raspberry PI 3 now working

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So i got one for doing other stuff but then i found out the Raspberry pi have now full hardware OpenGL support via a KMS composition driver. The only problem: it is OpenGL 2.1. So i tried building the 3.8.1 but those need OpenGL 3.1. I have no idea on what build the OpenGL requeriments went up since ther eis no notes about minimum OpenGL version for each build.

So i went and tryied with 3.7.0, it works and performance is... aceptable... for retail at least. Automake seems to be generating make fles with the mtune=i686 and -msee for some odd reason but well, it is a easy fix.

Maybe it will be possible to upload the fs1 and fs2 demos as debian packages for RPI with the 3.7.0 build? Right now 3.7.0 does not start with any of the demos because there is some error about mainhall and music even on windows.

3.8.1 works on my pc with the demos trought.

I wonder if wing commander saga can be made playable (it crashes, i havent looked at the error yet), that would be one perfect game to package as standalone for RPI, not sure if any of the creaters are still around here.

I recorded a video and its uploading to youtube, here.

There were some changes between 3.7.0 and 3.8.1 to make FSO compatible with the demos. You can try backporting the relevant changes (would need to find the commits for that first though).

Not sure if that worth the problem considering demos are under GPL license and non-distributable.

OK 3.7.2 version is the newerest version that works, 3.7.4 launchs but it is definately running on software opengl. 3.7.4 also has fixed since i did not need to remove x86 flags from make files.

I found the problem with Wing Commander Saga, on 3.7.2 the FS2_Long says "DDS is compressed but compression support is not enabled".

No S3TC support.... :( Maybe i could fix that, i would need to uncompress the DDS and making a "RPI fix" .vp right?

Shouldn't there be an environment variable that force the OpenGL driver to advertise that extension? I know that the S3TC support was a bit weird on Linux until the patents expired recently. Maybe your distribution doesn't enable the library by default at the moment.


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