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Here is another model dump, made from assets that used to be part of INF SCP and INFASA, roughly from after the release of INFR1 to 2010. No HTL ships, mostly kitbashed models and low-poly versions of ships that were released with INF Nostos.
Also includes 3 outdated effects from the early days of Nostos.

AF Armeni
AF Korfi
EAB Leda
EASC Minoa (alternate version)
GTExR (old version)
GTF Hercules 3 (old version)
GTT Lyaeus
GTT Tartarus
GVA Setekh Mk4
GVC Mafdet
GVF Septu
GVSD Het-Ka (alternate version)
SB Andra (old version)
SB Ojas (old version)
SC Abel (old version)
SC Gania (old version)
SD Yama (old version, current version unreleased)
SF Ashtur (old version)
SF Danta (old version)
SI Subspace Device

This model dump is also available on ModDB.  :cool:

Always lovely to see THESE! :cool:

FYI there is 1 more ship which may or may not be released along with the current dump, so in case you're DLing it right now it might pass by (hasn't been added yet).

Colonol Dekker:
I can't get GT.ExE to run.

😞. Couldn't help myself 😂


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