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Request: Hammer of Light Head ANI


SerRes needs a Head ANI for an extremely influential Hammer of Light commander, and should that be difficult or rather unpractical to create, a generic ANI showing the HoL logo and some background noise would be a perfect replacement.  :)

BtA has several good candidates in MV_Root\HUD. Head-VC7 and VC8 are both great options.

We have so many prominent Vasudan characters that we actually used VC-7 and VC-8 more than once and we're trying to avoid redundancy at least in this case...  :nervous:

At this point I wonder if it's possible to extract the CB ANI from the Vasudan survivors on Altair IV encoded transmission (file name: vasrefugees) and turn the "head" part of it into its own, independent animation.


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