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Earth Alliance vs. GTVA from Blue Planet

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What if instead of finding Nostos' GTVA...when the Earth Alliance launched their invasion of GTVA space they encountered the GTVA from Blue Planet instead?

Tech-wise, would the EA do better against the BP Tevs?  How would Admiral Steele do against this invasion force?

So sayeth me and not the lord but it seems like the EA would make some initial gains and then get crushed by a massive counterattack.  I think the BP GTVA has a lot more on hand that it can more or less immediately throw at the enemy if they pose a big enough threat.

Yes, definitely want to see how this one goes! An Erebus vs. the Nemesis, I'm pretty certain would go to the Nemesis. 

There's an extra variable to add to this equation: the differences between the Earth Alliance in INFR1 and its Nostos version are way more remarkable than the differences between the two GTVAs (Nostos and BP).

The actual scale of the EA is completely different in Nostos.  :)

Iain Baker:
I would want ringside seats for this one that's for sure :-)


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