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I am new here and not a developer at all but I came across this old thread ( ) that says there is working APK version.
DO you think there is any chance to develop VR version for the Quest? I mean... playing FS2 in VR should be one of the best experiences out there. Untethered, standalone (and relatively cheap) headset that you can setup in seconds on any chair should be perfect for this.

Skimming through the forums I found info that devs are not interested due to lack of devices to test, expensive headsets and long setup. Maybe the community can help with that? I would be more than happy to chip in if there would be chance to have it done.

A little self bumping but since noone replied let me give some more context.

Recently I bought Starfighter Arduxim for Quest 2. The game is rather poor in terms of content, only a couple of missions, empty space, single ship. But daaamn was it great sitting in my chair, looking around the asteroid field and blasting some baddies in space. Frickin awesome.
Now... Imagine Freespace in VR. Mind blown...

Phantom Hoover:
It's not happening without a big, dedicated effort that would take a ton of time and expertise. The kind that doesn't often show up and work on a volunteer basis. The engine is just nowhere near being able to add VR. I mean, I can't guarantee that John Carmack won't randomly decide to add it for a laugh, but in practical terms VR in FSO is a "when pigs fly" prospect.

A lot of FSO developments sound, from what I piece together in retrospect, a lot like things people thought were never going to happen until someone showed up and did them suddenly, so I'd never say never entirely, but....

To get VR we need at least developer who:

* knows the graphics pipeline or graphics programming in general well
* is really excited about VR
* has the hardware to test with
* and has nothing else they'd rather spend the time on.We might have people who hit two out of the four, but I don't think more than that. And I doubt any of them can get very excited about developing for Facebook's platform.

The main reason why I thought it might be possible is because I saw this YouTube video by ksotar
It is related to his post here in the forum but it looks like he's no longer active here.
Anyways, it looks like it is possible and not so far fetched.
Of course it won't happen without interested and capable developer. And hardware. It was mentioned that VR is a nono because of the cost and hassle with the hardware and setup and i think Quest can help a lot.
As for the Facebook side of things... Yes, that is less than ideal. But maybe it's not a deal breaker. Between SideQuestVR and Oculess maybe it's not that big of a deal actually.

If anyone has any chance to experience something like that poor Starfighter Arduxim in VR (i think multiplayer is even free) i would encourage to do so. For me it was a game changer. Maybe then more people will be interested.


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