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[GVD Nehebkau - WiP thread] Goob plz, remove Hedetet from Scroll 2!

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Title says it all. Guys, plz halp me to convince somebody. Goober decided to use my old and fugly Hedetet in upcoming second chapter of SoA... Because aaaargh, he says he likes it o__O,

C'mon. This is eldritch abomination that I kitbashed in hurry because Woomeister wanted to release Nostos quickly [we never released anyhow quickly lel], and now Goob wants to defile Scroll modpack with this. I get that there are very few fanmade zod destroyers available. Dagger and Oddgrim apparently likes nothing but fighters, bombers and cruis...


No HTL, quality, fanmade, vasudan destroyer was ever made. We had 23 ****ing years for this, and the only things we have with reasonable polycounts are my eldritch kitbashes.

Well... I think it's time for a change.
[...and that "plz help me convince Goob" thing is ofc. a joke that emerged in private conversation between me and Goob, lel]

Behold the mighty Nehebkau. One of rare, original designs straight from NyctiYards, as I usually work on existing designs or finish models by other people. Also one of very few vasudan designs my shipyards ever produced. Because I can. Also I want to prove myself that I can and shake the dust from quasi-organic modelling skills.

Iain Baker:
That, my good sir, is fcuking awesome!

It's a nice ship!  I like it.  But I like the Hedetet too. :D


This thing is still going.

Colonol Dekker:
Ahh, the skin, it makes it not Eldar anymore.   :D


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