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Title: INFR1 and SAH Issues
Post by: LaineyBugsDaddy on December 05, 2014, 08:16:25 pm

First of all, a bit of introduction. I used to go by CaptJosh around here, and I did contribute to the upgrade of SAH with this little bug I caught:

Has anyone noticed an issue with the final actual campaign mission of 2372 having some glitches? Like you have to leave the engines of the Orion that jumps in alongside the Nemesis alone because if you disable it, it will fall behind the Nemesis and never get destroyed, so the Kamikaze section never happens. Or that when Nemesis finally opens fire on the Throne installation, the Majesty just sits there and doesn't blow up even though it's right in the way of the beams that Nemesis fires. I would note that for this I was using the recent Inferno build that karajorma made to include the widescreen fix. I don't know if this is affecting the gameplay, but it's possible that mission needs reFREDded.

Anyway, I decided to dig out SAH recently, and even with a 3.6.10 build and Inferno and SAH installed from the FSO Installer, I'm getting some tbm issues. A music tbm issue in infr1, and then SAH thinks I have no mainhall to load. If anyone knows anything about these and has any fixes to throw my way, I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, I'll be tearing into the files myself to start re-upgrading.