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FreeSpace Joystick FAQ and Recommendations
Since there are so many joystick threads scattered around the HLP forums, I am attempting to gather some of the more common questions and issues in one place.  There is a good chance that someone else has experienced what you have, and it is covered below.

If you know of a thread I didn’t include but you would like to see included, please post it here. 

Joystick problems/issues

   Joystick detected in WXLauncher, but won't work ingame
   Trouble with x-55 HOTAS
   How do I get the Warthog HOTAS to function with Freespace 2 Open?
   Trouble with FSO, UJR and X-55 Rhino
   Problems using Joystick and wxLauncher
   Throttle Problem (Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X)
   having issues with joystick Hotas setup
   Joystick not recognized in-game
   Linux Joystick Issues
   Saitek X52 Pro Spring noises while moving stick
   Force Feedback spring fix (test build)
   Controller Order Win10

Joystick/HOTAS configuration

   Joystick Utilities 2020
   Joystick turning lag
   Controller Configuration Guide (Windows 7)
   How To Get More Accurate With Your HOTAS - Using Joystick Curves
   Joystick response curves
   T-Flight Hotas X joystick - Solution to 'Large Deadzone' issue
   What joystick setups do you use?
   How to use multiple game controllers in Diaspora (or any fs2_open based game)
   Multiple Input Devices
   Warthog and Saitek Pedals
   Sharing my Saitek X52 Pro joystick profile for FS2
   New tool for HOTAS or other multi-USB inputs
   New app to combine controllers
   How to use Joystick AND Throttle?


   Problems with Xbox One controller 
   XBox 360 Controller only partially supported
   360 wireless controller support?
   Anyone using an Xbox 360 controller to play the game?
   Xbox 360 Controller for PC Triggers issue
   360 controller settings
   PS2-style PC controller
   PC gamepad with lots and lots of buttons?
   Xbox One controller configuration
   How I stopped worrying and solved Xbox 360 pad trigger problem

Joystick recommendations

   Controller recommendations (2017)
   What controller do I need?
   Cannot recommend this Joystick enough for this game
   Suggestions for a good joystick? (2010)
   I'm stuck between two joysticks (2012)
   Joysticks! 2014!
   Looking for a joystick for old freespace gamer
   Looking for a good joystick
   Recommend unto me some mice
   Joystick advice
   The "Best Joystick" question - new for 2013 !

And finally, just for fun, check out OverDhill's setup!
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