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Re: Known Drivers to avoid.
Do NOT, under any circumstances, trust dlls from sources you do not know. The dlls linked in the first post have been extracted from the official packs by Fury or me, and we guarantee their usability and malware-freeness.

However, even so, I would still recommend extracting the files yourself, because it is the safest way. I will post how to do this when I am not on my phone.
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Re: Known Drivers to avoid.
I had a problem with catalyst driver 12.6 too about the warp out/in anomaly and the capship explosion cloning. First I downloaded that atioglxx file but I had no idea where to put it so I went with option 2. The E's advice on main-v.sdr worked like a charm so a really big thanks. (I was about to go Kayser on my PC)

Oh ya details:
1. My GPU is AMD Radeon HD 6670
2. The issue was with ALL ships not just capships
    Warp out: not disappearing until warp point isn't completely closed;
    Warp in: appearing completely before warp in complete
    Capships cloning full hull when dying 
3. As I wrote The E's shader file tinkering worked flawlessly.
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Re: Known Drivers to avoid.
Cat 12.8 is out now.
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Re: Known Drivers to avoid.
Hi everyone, I am new here and kinda a noob at this... I have a nvidia 9800GT card on my box... when I install FS1 and expansion I bought from GOG the text and HUD flashes like crazy... so I am going to try to use this to fix the problem.. I have FS1 & 2 and atm can't play either... I only hope there isn't an issue with my video card because I am lost here..ha ha ha... I really want to play this game... if it is anything like the Freelancer game I have it will b awesome... so if there are any issues with the nvidia GeForce 9800GT please let me know how to fix it... TY for puttin up with an old noob like me...(and I mean old, I'm 54..ha ha ha)...

Re: Known Drivers to avoid.

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All kidding aside, you'll want to download FreeSpace Open, which is much more compatible with modern hardware and throws some eyecandy on top. You may also want to check out the MediaVPs for even more prettiness. Then, if the issue still persists, try getting the latest drivers for your card from the NVidia website, and if that doesn't work, get back here with an fs2_open.log.
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Re: Known Drivers to avoid.
that needs to become the official HLP greeting for newbies
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