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already locked missiles wouldn't change their target [which is what he said]

multiple tagged ships would be handled on a distance-preference - the closer the higher it's preference on being the target autolocked from the tag

and tag C as SSM caller sounds cool
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i figured out what my problem was, basicly I was say 0 when I should have been saying 0.0f :rolleyes:
so the engergy thing is now working in an acceptable maner
all I need to figure out now is why don't the AI use them

I'll take a look at the SSM code and see if this will be easy
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Maybe you need to set a range (game reads it by velocity × lifetime or is specified by the +Weapon Range: setting) for them in the table entry; the AI can mess up when that isn't done properly.
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Originally posted by LtNarol
correction: the apollo, athena, valkyrie, and anubis are not there.

Oh really? :thepimp:

You forgot the PVFr Bast and the GTFr Chronos, sucka!
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Question regarding tag settings.

What exactly is the different effect between tag setting 1 and setting 2.  I've presently got a custom weapon set to tag using setting one and it seems to draw more fire than the standard tag A and B (which use type 2).

I've tested this with normal ingame ships as well as the modded Aeron fire support cruiser I'm developing for LoK (which is why I want to know about TAG's).

But I still can't seem to find an specifics between the two.
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