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Release of the source code
For the last few years, [V] had been saying that they couldn't release the FS2 source code because Interplay wouldn't let them. Did Interplay have a sudden change of mind? Or did daveb go rogue and release it on his own initiative?
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Release of the source code
it's released, why question it?

but I think that interplay finally let them.
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Release of the source code
my guess is, they just ripped out anything Inter(insert explitive here) might have legal controle over and said, to hell with you, to Inter(insert explitive here)
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Release of the source code
All the Interplay & Parallax code was removed. That includes MVE movie support and PXO support.
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Release of the source code
That, and, as nobody seems to recall, Interplay is quite dead, as far as companies go. Titus took it apart, from what I can tell, and unless there's a clear copyright issue Titus wants to capitalize on, they have nothing to complain about. It's not as if they cared about FS, anyhow.

Release of the source code
Probably somebody from Titus got a hold of an old email of V asking for permission to release the source (or perhaps V sent a new one) and said something like "What? Freespace 2? What the hell is that? Is it making us any money? No? Then what do we care if you release the source? Just don't put in anything we can still make money off of!" ;)

Seriously, I really think that the only reason Interplay didn't allow it in the first place was that FS2 actually sold a bit better than we were made to believe, and so didn't want to kill the chance of using a modified version of the engine for another sequel. Yet they couldn't say that, of course, which is why they didn't say anything, or at least not to us. But then Titus came in and wasn't interested in any sequel to FS2 (as the few space sims around haven't sold very well, like I-War 2), so they didn't care if the source got released.