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FreeSpace: Jeopardy [IMG Heavy]

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Nice first post :)


And now, the revered "Blitzerland's Welcome Speech:"

Beware of Tabbies in the bushes, if you smell petrol, it tis probably just the old Apollo stuck in the furnace. If you smell fire, tis just some poor sap getting the crap flamed out of him. Feel welcome to try out the motion'll be charged three hundred dollars every time you get within ten feet of it.

The Library was infested with Shivans back in '99, the roof leaks, the floor creaks, the garden is infested with man-eating garden snails, the cats have taken the, that explains the assault rifle under your chair.

But don't think about using it. We ran out of ammo back in '01. Neverless, you'll never feel more welcome anywhere else. Yes, our staff is availble 24/7 to tend to your every need. But avoid the Shivans in the air ducts.

Enjoy your stay, but don't even think about leaving. You won't be able to. Freespace will not let you leave. Muahahahahahahaha...

So...welcome! Stay as long as you can!


Hery Sasta:
:lol: :lol: very good :lol:

Im still waiting for Freespace: Who wants to be a Millionare :doubt:

Why am I just seeing this now?!


Good stuff! :yes:


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