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Some of the stuff here is pretty good, you guys should really approch the project 7 guys,

the stuff they are doing, blows my mind, I am in the closed beta and I must say the high quality ships, like the narn, hyperion, are beyond anything ever done for b5, not to mention they are creating textures totaly from scracth, and fixing the cheap ass textures used in the show, that were just mapped any old way and then colored, and they are only 4000 polys, much better then "low" poly ships people make at 6000.

I Cant wait for r3, played and still do play r2 with my friends

Keep up the b5 fight!


This is second time we're pointed there, so I guess its worth looking at. Will be discussed at least.

Didn't I post this in HL?

Welcome to HLP, WeAreKosh. :)


Kosh seems to be a very popular character.


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