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(FREDrender with flare added, nice eh?)
How do you like the omega and the Aegis sat? (also did the kestrel with flashy lights on the wings)

(NOTE: Taken before glowpoints were added)
New glow for the particle beam and the xray (not shown). Is there anyway you can get rid of the "triple" glow? It destroys the effect I want.

Anyhoo the next thing I need to do is add the "runway" light posts and add the lights to the Omega. :D

Last thing:
I was thinking about 3D cockpits and it hit me, why couldn't we have the main ship body (aurora in this case) without the cockpit, and then build another ship that is just the cockpit. Then in fred you can dock the two. This would result in a 3D cockpit + a vaible way to implement fredded ejection. Cool no?

OK, I thought this would attract a little more attention...

It's great someone is actually trying to glowpoint the Omega.  I started myself but the trial and error thing with the coordinates ended up taking longer than expected.  Suffice to say I have yet to even find out what the various glow point types do.  

I hope they blink when you're done. :)

Do the outside ones blink? I know the runway ones do (please make a version of the omega with the little runway probes and the girders, if not I'll have to do it.... :nervous: )
I made the kestrel lights blink on and off. If you use Aurora, its pretty easy to do glowpoints. BTW you like the beamglow?

EDIT: What do you think of my 3d cockpit/ejection system idea?

Glowpoints needs to be added to existing models, R2 models (might) have been updated at some point.

Beamglows have been done by Lightspeed and they're good too. Not that yours is bad but since they're done...

I think SCP already has partial 3d cockpit code done but I have no idea how well it works if at all. However, cockpits are not of very high priority at all. As far as I know, most players are switching cockpits off in games which have cockpits anyway so whats the point to do hard work that barely gets used?


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