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Question about planet screen

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OKay this screenshot

Very impressive.

What I would like to know is how it was put together, thanks to milos great support of the community he has already bent to our bugging(okay my bugging) and added in full spec map support for us.. so I"m sure he will add in other features(bump ect) in time.

What I want to know at this point is, how this planet was created, texture sizes, what kinds of maps.. how there is no blurring up close.

This is pretty much the best Starshatter can do at the moment for planets.. and you cant get much closer in without blurring.

If I got that close...... it would be a horrible mess.

Thanks guys, and keep up the awsome work.

That's done by me and E1. I rendered a high-res Earth image (2048x2048 if I remember correctly) with big planetary maps, and E1 put it on a skybox. Skybox is a huge box model, with the planet image slapped on to one side. We've got one for Earth and one for Mars (which I'm not going to show you :p  )

Your screenshot looks just awesome, I love that new Hyperion texture you used. But I must say I dislike the planet. It just screams: I'm done with fractal generator! :D

Trivial Psychic:
I was under the impression that it was Omniscraper that did the Earth & Mars skyboxes... or are these from 2 different sources?

ya, it was done with a photoshop fract generator, I really dont know any other way to do planet maps at this point. I Tryed some by hand but they screamed "I'm done by a fool!!" . some turn out awsome with the generator, some dont, but none look near the level of that planet.

Skybox, well that does make sence I guess, actually thats a really smart way of doing things.....eliminates a lot of problems........

I cant do that for ss however... since a skybox is used for an entire system in starshatter not just one area.. so it would show up in ever sector

I suppose... I could do the trick I did with hyperspace...... I made a -huge- model, textured it like hyperspace, and broke it up into rotating parts then loaded it into the "sector" you are actually in this HUGE model the game things is a ship and rotates the areas to simulate hyperspace.. its not perfect, but its a pretty decent start..

but... it would nil a lot of the ss features, like planet orbits, rotations and such...

I guess the big problem is.. do you know how many freaking systems b5 seems to have lol, I'm using b5 wars as a "loose" reference for a lot of stuff... but I"m using their system charts as a golden guild...even fractal generating all those planets is goign to take forever, it takes a good 1-2 hours to build 1 system, with the planets, then another 1 or 2 hours to set it all up with orbits and such.... doing the 80 or so odd systems that I still have to... sigh.. lol.

Thanks bout the hyperion, I"m kind of taking my own liberty with B5 textures, trying some different things, the EA ships are gonna look a lot different then the show, I figure what the heck, there are more then enough mods that spend the hours re-creating every last line, why not try something new hehehehe.

oh well, thanks for the info! I cant wait to see mars lol!


--- Quote ---Originally posted by Trivial Psychic
I was under the impression that it was Omniscraper that did the Earth & Mars skyboxes... or are these from 2 different sources?
--- End quote ---

Ironically the Skybox itself is actually his. CF changed the textures on it for MG however and has now donated it to TBP.


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