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Since art will be an important focus of the mod, I would like to showcase the art produced for each character here, see what everyone thinks, get some feedback, start runaway waifu wars. This thread should also serve as a place where you can ask questions about the characters instead of the world (I'm a sucker for decentralized and compartmentalized design).

Hayano Ibaraki, a naval officer who got promoted to Lieutenant Commander and now does command duties as opposed to flying.

Ayako's your average fresh navy pilot, green as a salad experience wise but ready for any mission.

Ivessa is a cocky and laid back assault/bomber pilot who's good at blowing stuff up, but has the tactical sense of a JDAM bomb. The word "dumb-fire" comes to mind...


More art is underway, stay tuned.


Is the Order a Rabbit? Well it sure is here, because I finally got around to quickly drawing up this bunny girl character, now officially a pilot of the Denebim Navy. The flight suit alone already shows a major difference in culture compared to those of the humans.

She goes by the campaign "Horizon", ranking as Second Lieutenant of the 6th Full Moon Squadron. Specializes in Interceptor missions.

Are these meant to be used as statics pics? Are you planning to implement animations?

I've been experimenting with Live2D for the sake of animation, so, while not an absolute guarantee, you can reasonably expect see animated art in the mod.

That does not include Head.ANIs, those are always animated. (Big thank you to Spoon for helping me way back on figuring out how to use Emofuri properly)

The art in this thread is merely for the purpose of presentation.

Glad to hear this. Looking forward to FCW.  :)


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