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HOSAS/ multiple joystich axes support


While the configuration in fact does allow to assign all axes available on the selected joystick  it seems I am only able to assign a total of 4 analog axes to the controls. Assigning a new will just discard another one or create mouse axis conflicts etc.

Is this a fixed limitation? Is something like HOSAS support possible from within a coonfig file outside of the game? It would be wonderful to see e.g.  strafe available as permanentl avalibla analog controls. CAn this be done (or is it even already?)

(BTW. I'm using Tehtherscripts highly recommendable "Control My Joystick" to use my 3DConnexion Space mouse in other space/6DoF games  but verified  this to hold true for native 6 axes controllers within SCP)

Sorry for the late reply.

This is a known limitation of FSO, there are only 5 assignable actions to axes: Pitch, Bank, Roll, Throttle, and Relative Throttle.  Since relative throttle conflicts with Throttle, this means you can only assign at most 4 axes.

You mention mouse axis conflicts?  That shouldn't be allowed in the current release.


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