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The Lightning Marshal Restored
The campaign has been restored to work with the MediaVPs-2014 and the most recent nightly build (r10900).  The flight mechanics are the original freespace mechanics and the campaign has been kept as close to the original release as possible.
Original Author  Stunaep
There is also a prequel to Lightning Marshal, named The Regulus Campaign included in the upgrade.
The missions and campaigns are focused on one ship: The GTCv Actium, and occasionally its sistership, the GTCv Lysander.
Part 1 by Spicious
The Actium goes against an NTF heavy warship - the NTD Liberty in this 3-mission campaign.
Part 2 by Spicious
The pilots of the 87th Space Cowboys are sent to guard a civilian convoy en route to the NTF-controlled system of Sirius. Little do they know that the NTF doesn't intend to sit by idly...
Part 3 by Stunaep
The Space Cowboys join the SOC while the Actium infiltrates the NTF on a top secret assignment. 13 action-packed missions, new music, cutscenes, and voice acting.
Part 4 by Stunaep
The NTF has gone one step too far. After the contestation of Alpha Centauri by rebel forces, Allied Command has pulled all ships from Vega and Aldebaran to conduct a massive strike at the NTF strongholds in Alpha Centauri. This will be the biggest strike since 2335. Meanwhile, another assignment is given for the Actium, one that will require going deep behind enemy lines.

Original staff of Lightning Marshal
Stunaep - Project Leader, Story Writer, FREDder, Animator
Ulundel - Co-Leader, FREDder, Renderer, Modeler
Knight Templar - FREDder
Stealth - Web Designer, FREDder
Black Wolf - Voice Actor, Story editor
vyper - Voice Actor, renderer
deep_eyes - Spell checker, Story editor, texturer
Delta_7890 - Story Editor
Wildfire - Renderer, FREDder
Thorn - Animator, Renderer
Zeronet - Beta Tester
Skippy - Beta Tester
Silver_Scythe - Modeller
Odyssey - Modeller
TrashMan - Modeller
Analazon - Modeller
Dylan Nagel (from SAVAGE) - Voice Actor
Jennifer Alyx (from SAVAGE) - Voice Actor
Meredith Purk (from SAVAGE) - Voice Actor
Philip J. Mather (from SAVAGE) - Voice Actor

Restoration Crew
Special thanks to fightermedic, Darkblade and biofaust, for the voice acting.
Also thanks to Rodo for the ship name textures.
There have been a number of people that worked on the restoration at various times, unfortunately I don't have a record of all of them.  This has been very much an FSCRP effort and has spanned several years.

[attachment kidnapped by pirates]

Thanks to all the wonderful guys that reworked this classic campaign. :yes: :nod: :yes:

Well Done!!

Looks great!  Thank you for all your hard work.

In the original 'complete' download for LM, there were two 'prequel' campaigns:  Regulus (which you say you have) and Operation:  Savior.  Is  "Savior" in there too?

No, operation savior was not a part of the original Lightning marshal.

The original restored Operation Savior campaign is located here, just modify the mod.ini to play with the 2014 media VPs

I think I see what you are saying, but just fyi:

In the download link in this thread's OP, they were all (Savior+ LM0-4) bundled together.


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