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--- Quote from: Nyctaeus on October 02, 2019, 08:39:06 pm ---
--- Quote from: Novachen on October 02, 2019, 08:14:23 pm ---And in my search through ship lists i did not find any vasudan craft, that looks similar to it.
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Fortunately you are wrong :]

--- End quote ---

Well... i never heard of this ship :( And the screenshots are not working to see it.

And the only reliable bigger ship list with pictures i have is the Hard Light wiki. :nervous:
And as a last resort i simple asked in the Discord if there is a newer Bastet or atleast a model that looks very similar to that. "Nope" was the answer back then.
So i kept it.

--- Quote from: Nightmare on October 02, 2019, 09:12:04 pm ---The Constellation was replaced with a new model in TVWP, wasn't it? When I look it up on the wiki I'm only seeing this ( ), which hopefully isn't part of this campaign.

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Was it? Then it has a total different name, now. What make it even harder to find any newer versions of a ship.
But to destroy your Hope. Yes, the TCa Constellation is used. But actually it does not look too shabby... at least in comparsion to the Bastet  :lol:

The Atum is surely a better design, not to speak of the model quality.

As for the Constellation... get rid of it. :D There is a ship called Sagittarius, and another one called Hestia that could both work as replacement.

I just wanna say this was amazing. The addition of flak turrets and Shivan beam weapons makes the FS1 complete in my mind and it now really does have the feeling of the end times. Since with beam weapons the Shivans as whole not just because of the Lucifer, seem unstoppable. Also the added cap ships make up for massive deficiency in FS1 in general, a lack of cap ships for bother V and T.

The only real addition I can image to make it complete is maybe adding Frigates like 'Blue Planets' UEFg Karuna. At least in the beginning to escort convoys and all carrier types, from the Orion to the others you added. Giving the feel that instead of lone ships, both Terrans and Vasudans have real stellar navies, with real fleets and battle groups. I suppose you could give a Frigate for the Vasudans too, but since we don't seem them much its not very necessary. But the best part for you the modder is that as the campaign goes on the missions start having less and less frigate/escorts. Until you can just say that the war is going so badly and so many frigates/escorts have been lost that there is simply not enough. So Command starts deploying all the ones they have left in places that absolutely needs them. So that means carrier groups like Bastion or the Galatia have to go it alone, because there is simply no one left to reinforce them.

It also adds to the feel that the Great War is an apocalyptic conflict like it is described in FS2. Since you can have FS1 missions start with these big powerful fleets of Terran capital ships in a grand chess match against the Vasudans. But as the Shivan invasion goes on and on, there is no more great fleets or battle groups. Only desperate missions with surviving capital ships fighting a war that appears unwinnable.

Well that was my mad ramblings, still great mod and look forward to see you would do with FS2 campaign.

Thank you very much for your feedback. I appreciate it, as the most other comments are only about models and not the campaign ;)
I am against it to introduce whole new ship classes that were not used in FreeSpace 2 or Storm Front respectively. Not to speak of, that this would change the original campaign way too much  :nervous:
As the Iceni was the only terran frigate that is used during Storm Front i actually think, that the Iceni class is only the beginning of GT(V)A's frigate classes.

As SF-Junky is still around on this forum sometimes, i would never say, that it is impossible that a "What If: FreeSpace 2" can happen. Even i have no idea how different the events of Freespace 2 are in the Storm Front universe.

There was an update for this campaign. Current version is 2.2.3-Nova, now. The main change is the inclusion of the newer Bastet model that was posted earlier.
Of course there were also some other bugfixes and additions that were mentioned on Discord.
Be advised, that the Semi-Automatic Installation method now contains only an outdated version with 2.2.2-Nova. The next Nova Upgrade All-in-One Installer will be released at the beginning of November 2019. Until then you can use the manual download to update the existing installation.

2.2.2-Nova -> 2.2.3-Nova
• Replaced the Bastet model which was based upon Inferno: Classic with a Bastet, that is based upon the previously unreleased better model from Inferno: Alliance.
• There was a bug in "Avenging Angel" that could make this mission unsolveable under specific conditions.
• A recommendation was added to "Hit and Run".
• In "La Ruota della Fortuna" one message got its right sender and another message was changed. Also there are some new events to make the Eva more dangerous. Aswell there were some coordinates changes for Eva and Malthusa due to the new and so bigger Bastet.
• Changed credits in "Endgame".

I believe one of biggest reasons for a lack of cap ships in FS1 and FS2, was limitations of the engine and what people's PC's could run in the late 90's.


Meaning, no turning back now.

You opened the door, you got us used to the idea of more than 4 ships in both the T and V Navy.

Now, now you must pay for your sins and flesh out their stellar Navies.

For once down the path of better immersion, forever will it dominate your destiny.


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