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Well just for the files one can go to

Am I the only one still playing this?  I keep getting a crash on start-up while playing through Knossos.



--- Quote from: SpardaSon21 on April 11, 2021, 11:19:03 am ---Log.

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That looks familiar ... stand by while I dl

EDIT: It might be something I came across in FS-Port in Febuary and should be fixed there. As this doesn't use a FS-Port dependency, I think it might have been copied over whenever the weapons.tbl was put together.

Confirmed - the weapons.tbl-entry for "Vasudan Flux Cannon" contains a typo (and additional period turning "0.15" into "0.1.5")

Should be a quick fix for someone with the access to make the edit. Fixed version below:

--- Code: ---$Name: Vasudan Flux Cannon
$Alt Name: XSTR("Vasudan Flux Cannon", -1)
$Model File: Tsunami.pof
$Mass: 10.0
$Velocity: 90.0
$Fire Wait: 4.0
$Damage: 500 ;; damage applied when within inner radius
$Blast Force: 0.2
$Inner Radius: 20.0 ;; radius at which damage is full (0 for impact only)
$Outer Radius: 40.0 ;; max radius for attenuated damage
$Shockwave Speed: 0 ;; velocity of shockwave. 0 for none.
$Armor Factor: 1.0
$Shield Factor: 0.1
$Subsystem Factor: 1.0
$Lifetime: 25.0
$Energy Consumed: 0.0 ;; Energy used when fired
$Cargo Size: 1.0 ;; Amount of space taken up in weapon cargo
$Homing: YES
+Turn Time: 1.0
+Min Lock Time: 2.0
+Lock Pixels/Sec: 70
+Catch-up Pixels/Sec: 100
+Catch-up Penalty: 30
$LaunchSnd: 102 ;; The sound it makes when fired
$ImpactSnd: 88 ;; The sound it makes when it hits something
$FlyBySnd: -1
$Rearm Rate: 4.0 ;; number of missiles/sec that are rearmed
$Flags: ( "Big Ship" "Huge" ) ;;
$Trail: ;; Trail cannot be set if Exhaust is set
    +Start Width: 0.25 ;; Width of trail nearest missile
    +End Width: 0.15 ;; Width of trail before it "evaporates"
    +Start Alpha: 1.0
    +End Alpha: 0.0
    +Max Life: 1.5 ;; how many seconds before trail disappears
    +Bitmap: MissileTrail02 ;; Bitmap used to draw trail
$Icon: icon_tsunami
$Anim: tsunami
$Impact Explosion: ExpMissileHit1
$Impact Explosion Radius: 20.0

--- End code ---

In Avenging Angels, how do I complete the mission properly?  Everytime I play, even with time compression, nothing happens until the Yorkshire's hull hits 5%, at which point it leaves even if disabled. Then another squad relieves me, which does not happen if the Yorkshire isn't reduced to 5%.  Afterwards, the briefing gives me a conflicting message that I succeeded and that I failed. Also,  thing that is really weird is Freespace 1 captions with Freespace 2 voices.  Like, an enemy wing will come in and  Command's caption will say "Enemy Wing Just arrived" but the voice is "Incoming Jump Signature! Hostile Configuration!"   Same goes for squadmate responses


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