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[Release (0.5)] NTP - A Multi-Language Translation Library Interface

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I do not think, that this is something special.  :D
But i thought i could show nevertheless, that the multi-language interface works with all special characters  without a problem if they have proper string IDs.

German & Spanish:

Good thing about latin-based languages is, that they will work with the same font most of the time as they share the same special characters.
Only problem so far is, that FS2 does only support string ids that are marked as German, French or Polish.
So spanish use the French language setting at the moment. But because of Achille's translation i most likely will change that to Polish, as so the three most prominent languages right now can be used together.
Currently it is not possible to use more than three translations at once.

Time for a update.

FreeSpace 2's Act 1 is actually finished. Need only minor fixes. The german translation is done, too. It only need the final spellcheck.

Currently i am preparing the spanish and japanese translation and adapt that into NTP's IDs. Spanish is nearly finished, in this case i actually filled up all left english pieces with spanish ones i have translated myself with the help of several translator tools and consulting with my sister who learned spanish some years ago.
The translation will not be very good, for sure. But better than nothing. Fortunately Alex Navarro's one is pretty comprehensive, so we are talking about a few missing entries i added.

Japanese however will be have many english pieces as the translation was mostly done for missions only. Maybe someone is interested to pick it up :).

Think the first public release will be available during the coming days.

Uh, actually i have to admit, that i was totally wrong before.

It is possible to include new languages next to the three established ones.
So Spanish is now usable with a Spanish Language Setting aswell Japanese can be played with a Japanese one.

But Knossos does not support that right now, which will make a Knossos release somekind of difficult.
So far i am only able to offer an expanded version of my old language changer program. :lol:

Other problems are still present, that will still force me to offer specific language packages like the Japanese one instead to have an usable whole multi+X package.
Fonts.tbl actually have the support to set language specific font files... unfortunately this Feature does not support Unicode  :o.

But that would be actually a non-issue, as there is also a feature, that is able to use files in a subfolder that is named after the extension of the desired language... theoretically.
but well, that Feature does not seem to be more than rudimentary implemented. :wtf:
Japanese did not find the font.tbl i had in the data\tables\jp\ folder, also German did not use the changed Kill Gauge from data\hud\de and the HUD aswell Help configuration from data\tables\de...

Have to admit, that i have no idea how that one is working exactly, or if this one is working at all. Maybe one of the devs can tell me more about that, as i did not really found out big clues from the source code itself.
So far, in older threads this feature was only about multi-language voice files. That was a present feature in retail, however it was not fully implemented. Maybe SCP only fixed that... but nothing more.

News from the release front:
Spanish integration is complete.
Japanese tables were adapted into NTP aswell. Right now only the japanese missions from Act 1 are missing :).

Glad to hear of further progress on the Spanish translation.  :yes:

Demo is there  :)


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