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--- Quote from: Novachen on April 16, 2021, 05:52:59 pm ---Nope, only the user interface of the program is english or german, which should be obvious ( :confused: ) as the first selection talks about program language and not about game language in the first place.
After that initial selection, you can select the game language.
Your lack of faith is disturbing :lol:. As i had set up this whole thing, you can be sure, that you are able to change the language into spanish with the methods i mention here.

No, the fs2open.ini is in your appdata\roaming folder as mentioned. Only exception is, if you activated portable mode in your global FSO flags, which is very unlikely.

--- End quote ---

YOU ARE RIGHT! Spanish language working here!! :D Sorry for my misunderstanding. With the program you point me here, and following its its steps, changing language is like a children game! Thank you very much for all your work. This mod is just incredible!  ;)

Well... this project went to sleep in the last couple of months. Unfortunately an aftermath of the tragedy during Corona in my personal life hit me hard. So I have to take special care for my husband, again.

So 0.6 is unfortunately on hold for quite a while now.

However i try to release a 0.5.1 Version instead soon. That one will update the Japanese Translation aswell will fix some other small and even some bigger issues.

This translation library is very helpful and impressive, and it's great to hear 0.5.1 might be released. Very sorry to hear about the personal toll Corona has taken on you and your family, and I hope your husband heals quickly!

Well, unfortunately 0.5.1 is still far from ready  :(.

But well, at least i was able to upload a new version of my small Language Selector.

Version 1.2.2-NTP has only one addition: You can also activate the italian language as well.

Even NTP does not support it right now (at least that will happen in 0.6. But i still try to squeeze that into 0.5.1) it already has a use.
Because you can properly play the built-in italian translation of the FreeSpace Port, now.


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