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Why is there no release thread for the time being?

Have to admit, that an own forum need maybe more than only one release, that popped out of nowhere...

A number of recently granted hosting requests have little more than a release thread and some discussion (though this might be filled over time).

The number of posts on recently approved host project boards are probably not a good indicator of the importance of separate boards, or their actual popularity. Take SerRes for example, which has a bit more than 80 public posts and no less than 1.600 views on the main release thread. The board has definitely focused more traffic than expected.

Yeah, a lot of the super-old hosted projects have a bunch of threads mostly due to their age and the time between releases (if there has even been a release).  With the new hosted projects, a single active release thread can account for pretty much all of the discussion.


If there are any other requests, you know how to get hold of me.


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