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Anybody had a LastPass Premium subscription?


I had a premium subscription (it was the combo one, for both LastPass and Xmarks) for years, when it was $12 yearly. At some point there was a SNAFU on their end and my auto-renewing subscription was allowed to expire. :doubt:

Now their premium subscriptions have increased 3x, to $36 yearly.

What I want to know is if there is anyone here who had a premium subscription years ago, when it was cheaper, and if so, did the cost increase for you as well, or were you "grandfathered" and allowed to retain the old price point? Thanks!

The E:
AFAIK the price increase was across the board for every user.

Hmmm, ok, thanks... to BitWarden, I go!

Honestly, KeePass is excellent, free, open-source, and can be hosted on a cloud-based storage solution.  Highly recommend it.


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