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Offline Mikey O

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I'm several missions in to the MW2 campaign and there are still no mechwarriors available for hire.  The missions are getting to the point where they're a little tough to finish solo.  Am I doing something wrong or missing something?


Offline Seriona

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Re: Adding Mechwarriors
So I'm assuming you're having the same issue I have which what happens to me is that each time I log off the software and go back in for whatever reason, when I click load and pick the mission where I left off, for some reason I lose the ability to get more Mechwarriors or Battlemechs. So the way I solve this issue is every time I want to log off, I make sure to start a new mission and click save game, then when you want to pick it back up, just start a random mission and click load game and you pick back up where you left off and I still have the ability to get mechs and pilots. I'm not sure why this fixes the issue but this is how I have to do it.