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Are you still alive bro? Please send some lifesigns. I haven't heard from you since months.

Regards RizZ - hope your healthy & fine!
It has become appalingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

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Hi RizZ,

I am still alive I just dont have time to work on MCO.
The last version number was 73x while I was still working on it.

The plan was to work on MCO Mercenary Career mode of the game.
Have your own dropship, start new career and pick campaigns through timeline...
Campaigns are planned to be shortened (Carver 5 divided to 3 campaigns with different start times... Minimum one mission campaign).

Unfortunately I had some health problems that lasted several months and I needed a few months to recover.

MCO is on ice, I am out of it for nearly 2 years.
Real life has a priority, my son is in the college now and my daughter is in high school. Kids are growing up so fast...

Maybe one day, if find time, I will come back and finish it...


MechCommander News 2020

All is fine. I'm glad you recovered! Here the latest infos / happenings: site owners purged all the MechCommander 1 / Gold - Content i have created so far. All what was left, when i returned from inactivity, where my modwork content on modDB. Cause many people asked for alternate places where their loved MechCommander content is available i decided to reupload all stuff from my personal backup. The result is my current modDB profile:

RizZen on modDB
MechCommander articles, guides & information
MechCommander downloads
MechCommander Add-On Packs

... and to not be in danger of loosing all that valuable BattleTech content so far anymore i mirrored ALL information on, the new official hosters of MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours:

RizZen on
MechCommander articles, guides & information
MechCommander downloads
MechCommander Add-On Packs

In the mean time i tried to help people with MC2 / OmniTech issues. For MechCommander 2 / OmniTech - there is a new place for publishment when you like, here is the section that was made for you magicX: pc gaming forums: MechCommander 2 - Section

Regards "RizZen #2483" (on discord)

Quote from: MechCommander Newsletter from Reddit

MechCommander by RizZ - Newsletter I - 07/2020

"Hello dear Battletech community and MechCommanders,

many rumors about MechCommander, NGNG, drama by/with/over my person - wandered around like a ghost in the past months. First of all some answers for the most recent questions:"

1. RizZen had a mental breakdown / burnout and quit with modding MC?

NO! It is right that i stopped my work on modding MechCommander due to ... reasons. It is NOT TRUE that i had any kind of mental breakdown or burnout. I never had this in my whole life time. I'm not that kind of guy. I'm the kind of guy who breaks your backbone when he realizes someone is fooling around with him. I'm that kind of guy who is stop working - when he realizes that the result of 1.000s of hours of workload is being bullied by some ****tards. I'm that kind of guy that is only kept away from breaking noses and necks by oceans and far distance. No one around my personal social sphere would have the mix of balls and missing respect to me to act and talk like some people in the MC community did - that even don't know me - my face or who the **** i really am! - And you know why? Because it doesn't matter. The only thing that should matter is the love, work and passion i dedicated to this wonderful retro game gem - called MechCommander - Darkest Hours v4.2! Who i am doesn't matter. And i won't tell you WHO i am. But i tell you everything about MechCommander - when you wanna read & listen.

So what actually was happening on NGNG wayback when servers where online was just some sh*tposts by a rare number of certain individuals that started bullying me for my work on MechCommander. That i quit modding MechCommander 2019 - was a result from the missing backup by the NGNG hosters. So at first i got bullied, reported that to NGNG administration (no reaction), then finally reacted to the bullies, got then a reaction by the NGNG administration telling me it is time to leave NGNG and publish my MC stuff anyhwere else, i denied, then got IP banned from NGNG and finally but not least the owners decide to put NoGutsNoGalaxy down in order to redirect any adress to their Twitch account - which was their biggest mistake in my point of view.

Those where my last words about the bullies, NGNG and the sh*t that happened wayback. That's my version and what i have experienced and i will not take anything back - cause i'm the guy that calls a spade a spade!

2. Will there ever be a MechCommander - Darkest Hours v5.0?

NO! MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v4.2 is a FINISHED product. The maximum it will get will be some minor updates and optional patches for bugsolving and raising the comfort to play.

AND YES! After i quit up with modding MechCommander i dedicated all my work to NGNG. What did they have done with it? - They put their site down and deleted all my content! That is what they have done. So atleast they gave a piece of sh*t on my modwork. I didn't care. It's like playing in a casino and worrying about loosing your money later. You must start playing with the persuasion that the money is lost when you start playing. This way i started modding MechCommander. Modding MechCommander is lost lifetime. But damn it is fun and makes me feel better.

So the reason i started working on MC again is the BattleTech community. I have got so many requests for MechCommander since NGNG was gone... - and some people really brought me back to it. Your appreciation - always was my motivation.

3. So what happened after all content got deleted?

I reuploaded MechCommander on modDB. Today my remastered and modded MechCommander - Darkest Hours has about 5.300 downloads - online for 2-3 years. The original version on modDB - online for more than a decade? - has 5.600 downloads!

The reason i have reuploaded all stuff for was the contacts i have made to the Battletech community. Thank you Ace (he will know who is meant), IronArthur, Stud84 and .... - so many more. You revived my motivation and the result is my personal profile content on ModDB. The holy grale - all available MechCommander content is there - for free - legal - for both: poor & rich!

But that is not all. I started my work on a new standalone version built. No "Darkest Hours" anymore. Darkest Hours was the most painful version & content merge i have ever done. That is because all the playable ingame content wasn't done by me (in spite of the first mission from the original campaign merge). This content was released by the origin creators of MechCommander (FASA Interactive) and it's native modding community in the early 2000s. I just merged this content into one built - extended the ingame total playtime from 30 up to thousands of hours of playing fun.

What i do actually now is a whole different thing. Because any mission from v5.0 comes from my hand. Only the maps that are displayed are mostly copies from maps that never where part of the origin game - but those maps where content from the online community wayback in MSZone times. So when anyone here remembers the "dropship-command" - he will probably get an image on what maps he will play on v5.0. So far - this is what happened since NGNG deleted my stuff.



Yeah! A completely new standalone. With completely new missions and a complete new story. v5.0 will be played on Clan side! -

So who you are in v5.0?

You're a low level clan mech commander from Clan Wolf. At the beginning of the Clan Invasion you are experiencing the biggest space fleet battles that happened in this war. You start playing mission one in a very bad situation. After winning the space battle against IS major fleet - IS forces are fleeing and your jumpship is ordered to secure orbit control. After the Clanners fleet moved further into the direction of Terra - a small force of IS ships gets back to the planet and destroys your wolf clan ship. In the first mission you find yourself in ruin parts of your battlecruiser - you are fighting for your life there. After reaching a control & briefing room you can establish a communication signal onto the planet - looking for survivors. In the first mission you will be forced to EARN your first mech on the battlefield - in your mechbay - in the mission - on the map. You have made contact to a mech pilot that could steal a small vehicle. Your order is to make sure that this MechWarrior will get into that warmachine - then it's yours and you start to work out a better situation for you - in the orbit - and the missing forces that may have survived the fall from heights.

So this is it. The news 07/2020 is that i have a new standalone built alpha version in backhand with 36 working missions - and all of those are part of Operation I. I guess MechCommanders will understand and know what this means - how realistic it is that this will ever be finished - but - the dream lives! I promise there will be a beta release for whole operations. So when 50 missions are finished and working fine i will release a demobuilt.

So this is my first newsletter after i started modding MC in 2017. Maybe there will be second - depends on how far and fast i can develop any more content for this new wonderful version. And no - i don't have a name for it - right now - no final - but i have a clear sight on how it will be!

Other things on my worktable:

    pilots voices (voice package upgrades) - voice acting

    two new campaigns total

    the first campaign ever with +200 missions to play

    realizing my own visions and ideas for MC for the first time instead of working on 25 year old files - simply creating new / more MC content

Keep heads up, Battletech community, MechCommanders, stay home - and stay healthy!

And no post without a link:

This is opening the gate to all FREE available MechCommander 1 - yes ONE - Content!

MechCommander gets hosted and presented for free by me and Everythingbattletech!

"Have fun, that's an order, RizZ"
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It has become appalingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

Albert Einstein


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So. RizZen back from ashes after all. Good to hear.

I'm lost all my posts there too and can't view them now. Only main board via Those folks decide to stick only to Twitch and Discord. They ever deleted all MC related sub channels in last one. Pity.

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