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Darkness looms on the horizon. The apocalypse approaches. A desperate struggle for survival begins.
As allied forces begin their last retreat from the nebula, the GTVA Security Council has authorized the deployment of the GTD Ionia to cover the allied fleet's withdrawal. Join the 78th Silverbacks in a battle against time as the Shivan invasion leaves both them and thousands of allied survivors trapped behind enemy lines, all while hunted by a ruthless adversary.
-Ten mission campaign and two cutscenes.
-Cross-mission events: Saving a cruiser in one mission will lead to them assisting you in another. Destroying enemy gas miners will cause them to divert forces from a later mission to protect their supply lines. Etc.
-Custom CBAnims by Mjn.Mixael.
-Soundtracks by ShadowOfLight's Freespace Soundtrack Expansion Project.
-User-made assets, optional HUD and more!

FSO Version: 21.5.0-20220128 or newer

Words from the author:
After over two years of development, I am finally ready to release my second campaign. I want to thank everyone who has been following the development of this campaign. I also want to highlight several individuals in particular:

Spart_n, Woutersmits and Goober5000, who have provided critical feedback while beta testing this campaign. Furthermore, thank you Goober for your behind-the-scenes assistance and helping me get scripts such as the checkpoint script to function. :yes:

Mjn.Mixael, who made five awesome new command briefing animations specifically for this campaign.

ShadowsOfLight, whose Freespace-themed music provides nearly all of the in-game soundtracks.

Thank you all so much.  :)

Shepherds should be on Knossos launcher as of this posting, as well as the link below. It requires the most recent nightly (Jan.28) or newer, but I will set it to require the next stable version of FSO once that is released. I've left the command line settings blank so you can use whatever settings  you want, but I'll also include my personal settings above the download link. If you haven't, give Walls Closing a try, as Shepherds serves as a sequel to that campaign. Have fun!

Personal Command Line Settings:
Hidden Text: Show
--- Code: ----enable_shadows -fb_thrusters -fb_explosions -aa -soft_particles -3dshockwave -ballistic_gauge -rearm_timer -orbradar -targetinfo -dualscanlines -warp_flash -3dwarp -weapon_choice_3d -ship_choice_3d -stretch_menu -smaa -post_process -ambient_factor 80 -bloom_intensity 20
--- End code ---



Congrats on the release!

Congratulations!  Highlighted. :yes:


Dilmah G:
Just finished the first mission. That was some BIG cutscene energy, huge fan! Legitimately one of the most well put together cutscenes I've come across in quite a while. Super keen for the rest of it.  :cool:


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