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[RELEASE] Shepherds

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Already said this in Discord, but once again thanks for playing! Part of me was worried whether I could make a foe that would rise to the challenge as a menacing villain. Glad to see it worked!  :D

Given the scale of the engagements we see in Capella like at the Vega node, where practically the entire GTVA fleet was in combat, there's still plenty of story telling opportunities out there.

Not that I expect any direct links, but the idea of Admiral Steele in BP conducting nebula deep strikes on Shivan logistics and bomber wings always caught my attention as a cool combat situation. Do as much damage as possible and escape alive, similar to the second SOC loop. Since a return to the nebula seems to be where the Shepherds/Walls story is heading, I'm excited to see that potential delivered.

In the last mission, sometimes the Memphis does not acknowledge the Ravana destroyer returning in the last part of the mission or the Messana coming in, causing the mission to be unwinnable

An absolutely lovely campaign and a delight to play, start to finish.


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