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How to uninstall campaigns?

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Hi! So, when I complete some mod, for example fsport how do I uninstall that mod? How do I uninstall mediavps or any of the installed mods to make more space for other mods?

If you are using Knossos, there is an Uninstall option in the mod page.  Alternatively, you can delete the mod folder from your disk.

Thanks for getting back to me! No, I'm using FSO installer. I don't want to break any dependency, is there a more proper way to uninstall? For example I completed the great war and now want to download other campaigns, there's like a dozen of them in the list, but my free space (on the hard disk not Free Space the game) is small to begin with that's why I'm asking.

Is it safe for me to delete these 3 then? :


Ah I see.  It's safe to delete any of those, but what you may find is that FSO Installer automatically redownloads them.  To avoid this, find in your home folder and delete the lines of the mods you don't want.

There is no such file. I'm using FreeSpaceOpenInstaller.exe which I placed on my desktop and in game's folder there isn't any such file. I'm also using yal_launcher.exe to choose and launch mod and that launcher has launcher6.ini file inside game's folder.

I actually broke dependency by deleting those as it appears Silent Threat is using media files. Never mind, I'll download it again. I wanted to play ST next.


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