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Regarding finding the mod, Knossos seems to be taking about a day to display new mods in the explore tab. I think Woutersmits got it through the install link, but I really can't troubleshoot too much on how Knossos serves the mod.

Regarding building multilock, I believe is the correct place to get current code. The test build server appears to only generate windows builds.

Also, 1.0.3 has been uploaded now that should resolve the cutscene mission issues and restores the campaign to including them. Sorry if that messes things up for anyone who has already started in on it. It also resolves a few other issues, including one that was broadly breaking missile behavior. That was caused by a last second solution of mine to another minor problem just before launch that I didn't test broadly enough, apparently. Hopefully the whack-a-mole is done with this release.

OK, thanks. I'll try to build it from there.

Can't wait to play this...after I finish with all the other Freespace mods on my list. Soooooo much to do.... :sigh:

But yeah, I'm not finding it on Knossos yet either. Maybe in a day or two, but it's not like I'm in a rush to get it right away.

Also, the music is not "Supersede" by Carbon Based Lifeforms.

Rather, it's "Authority" by Vondkreistan.

Both are awesome songs though.

Man, the tracer effects on those primaries are gnarly. Pew pew pew pew.


--- Quote from: Su-tehp on May 20, 2020, 07:59:48 pm ---Also, the music is not "Supersede" by Carbon Based Lifeforms.

Rather, it's "Authority" by Vondkreistan.

--- End quote ---

Supercede is used ingame as menu music(edit: though apparently I'd flipped artist and title). The trailer is indeed Authority, as credited in the video description if you go through to youtube, though below the 'read more' button.

I suppose it wouldn't be bad idea to add it to the credits here, even if it doesn't make much sense to add it to the ingame credits since it doesn't feature in the game yet.


To be clear, since it appears I may not have been clear enough initially, this release includes ONLY: The Age of Aquarius missions from Blue Planet, and two stand-alone tech room instant action missions. One of those missions is pretty simple mindless action, the other is a lot more ambitious.

Our broader ambitions may bring you more story content in the future, but that's what we have for you at the moment.


If you don't know how to use the multilock builds, here are some instructions for windows users.

* Download
* Extract that into it's own folder, somewhere you can find again.
* In the home tab of knossos, mouse over the card for Warmachine. A small arrow will appear near the bottom right of the card. Click it.
* In the resulting menu pick the FSO Settings option.
* This will open a settings window including a dropdown for FSO Build. Click the browse button next to this and navigate to where you extracted the build you downloaded earlier, then select fs2_open_20_1_0_multilock_x64_SSE2.exe.
* Scroll to the bottom of the settings window and click save. Only then close the settings by clicking out of it or using the small x in the top right.

Do that and you should be able to launch the mod as you would any other from that point.


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